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The Board consisted of three gubernatorial appointees serving staggered four-year terms and the Superintendent of Public Instruction serving as ex-officio president. As of January 10, 2021, Ballotpedia had not identified any committees registered in support of or in opposition to the measure. columns: 1; 4009 (2013 Session Laws, Ch. Voters approved 24 and rejected 11 of the referred amendments. Voters in Nevada will decide on an amendment in 2020 that would remove the constitutional status of the Board of Regents—which governs, controls, and manages the state universities in Nevada—thereby allowing the state legislature to review and change the governing organization of state universities. I’m all for solutions. Measure 2 is the latest ballot initiative to face scrutiny. A third constitutional measure that would have rewritten many election processes won’t appear on the ballot. Public pensions | As soon as said board is established and organized, it shall assume all the powers and perform all the duties now conferred by law upon the board of administration in connection with the several institutions hereinbefore mentioned, and the said board of administration shall immediately upon the organization of said state board of higher education, surrender and transfer to said state board of higher education all duties, rights, and powers granted to it under the existing laws of this state concerning the institutions hereinbefore mentioned, together with all property, deeds, records, reports, and appurtenances of every kind belonging or appertaining to said institutions. No. On October 9, 2018, the Supreme Court voted 6 to 2 to deny this request. Click here to contact us for media inquiries, and please donate here to support our continued expansion. Jill Schramm/MDN “(Measures) No. 519). None at this time. But suffice it to say, I believe that if Measure 2 passes it may well be the death of grassroots activism in North Dakota. Measure Two proposes changes to the process for voter initiated constitutional amendments. This amendment was introduced as Senate Concurrent Resolution 4016 on February 15, 2019. School districts in North Dakota | The Other than the student member, the term of office of members appointed to fill vacancies at the expiration of said the terms shall be for four is six years, and in the case of vacancies otherwise arising, appointments shall must be made only for the balance of the term of the members whose places are to be filled. -webkit-columns: 2; Measure #1 solves nothing in higher ed Proposing to double the size of the Board of Higher Education, Measure #1 threatens to burden the system more than help. prohibited employees of an institution under control of the board from being members of the board for two years following the termination of such employment. The North Dakota State Historical Society provides the following description of the creation of the board:[8]. Click here to contact our editorial staff, and click here to report an error. Measure 2 mandates that initiated constitutional amendments appear only on general election ballots, and if approved by voters, the amendments go to the Legislature for ratification. Largest cities | } 237), the State Board of Regents had authority over all state colleges and the university. ADVERTISEMENT Measure 1 would to add these words to the ND constitution: “The inalienable right to life of every human being at any stage of development must be recognized and protected.” The average number of amendments appearing on the ballot was about 3. [10][11], North Dakota is the only state that does not require voter registration. Said secretary shall hold office at the will of the board. 1 was placed on the ballot by action of the 2019 North Dakota Legislative Assembly with the passage of Senate Concurrent Resolution No. Constitutional Initiated Petitions. The following table contains data for referred amendments during even-numbered election years from 1996 through 2018: To put a legislatively referred constitutional amendment before voters, a simple majority vote is required in both the North Dakota State Senate and the North Dakota House of Representatives. A concurrent resolution to create and enact a new section to article XI of the Constitution of North Dakota, relating to hunting, trapping, and fishing. Both of these clunkers were hatched by the North Dakota Legislature. 242,004 72.52%. margin-bottom: 5px !important; 2 were placed on the ballot by the 2019 Legislative Assembly,” Secretary of State Al Jaeger, I-N.D., stated. 4016, 2019 Session Laws, Ch. “I hope that the people accept this because I think it’s a way to have a smoother system with more board members,” she said. There are two measures on the General Election ballot this fall. Per the North Dakota University System’s website, “The SBHE is made up of seven citizen members appointed to four-year terms by the governor and one student appointed by the governor to serve a one-year term.” There’s a lot of portfolios to carry. But this isn’t one. Healthcare | 1 was placed on the ballot by action of the 2013 North Dakota Legislative Assembly with the passage of Senate Concurrent Resolution No. A total of 20 states required voters to present photo identification at the polls; the remainder accepted other forms of identification. North Dakota Constitutional Measure 1. margin-top: 10px !important; The proposal offered to the Legislature was a two-board model presented by Rep. Shannon Roers-Jones, R-Fargo. } 1: Pertaining to the Transparency of Funding Sources, Lobbyists, Conflicts of Interests, and the Establishment of an Ethics Commission Copy of Petition: Passed Nov. 6, 2018: North Dakota The North Dakota Supreme Court removed the measure last month on the grounds it embedded a statute into the state constitution, where it can’t be changed by normal legislative procedure. }. HOUSE CONCURRENT RESOLUTION NO. The state Senate approved the amendment in a vote of 29 to 14, with four absent or not voting, on March 7, 2019. The Council of College Faculties annually selects the faculty representative to the Board. }, .arguments-bm-widget { Constitutional Measure No. North Dakota is divided between Central and Mountain time zones. Non-voting members of the board include one faculty advisor selected by the Council of College Faculties and one non-voting staff advisor selected by the NDUS Staff Senate. The nomination shall must be submitted to the senate for confirmation and the proceedings shall must continue until an appointee has been confirmed by the senate or the session of the legislature legislative assembly has adjourned. 536) This constitutional measure would amend and reenact subsections 2 and 6 of section 6 of Article VIII of the North Dakota Constitution relating to the state board of higher education. A "yes" vote supported the amendment to increase the membership of the Board of Higher Education from eight to 15; increase term length from four years to six years; and prohibit state employees, officials, legislators, from being members. .ballot-measure-endorsements td { width: 35% !important;} "[13], On August 1, 2016, a federal court enjoined North Dakota's voter identification requirement that prevented state officials from enforcing the requirement in upcoming elections. The same proceedings shall must be followed as are set forth in this section. There’s a lot of portfolios to carry. Established in 1915 (S. L. 1915, Ch. margin-bottom: 10px; If majority of voters select “yes,” it will significantly alter the makeup of the State Board of Higher Education. The North Dakota League of Cities is sponsoring a statewide If I Were Mayor essay contest for third and seventh ... Noah Figliolino, 22, Minot, is charged in district court in Minot with Class A felony intent to deliver about 70 ... Gov. It would allow lawmakers to veto voter-approved constitutional measures and send them back to the public for another vote in the next general election. -webkit-columns: 1; Immigration | Under Measure 1, North Dakota’s higher education board would increase from eight members to 15. nonconsecutive second term; and replace the chief justice of supreme court on the board nominating committee with the secretary of state. 2021 legislative session | | The measure would have put legislative redistricting into the hands of the North Dakota Ethics Commission, created an open primary with all candidates on a single ballot and set up a ranked-choice voting system. Voters can present the following forms of information: If a voter does not have a form of identification that includes his or her current North Dakota residential address or date of birth, the voter can present the following supplemental documents: Voters who cast absentee ballots or vote by mail must include a valid form of identification with their ballot. Measure 1 was put on the ballot by the legislature after it passed the Senate in 2019. Opponents who took the case to the Supreme Court had argued the petition circulated for signatures failed to include the full text of the measure and misled voters regarding its content. Court of Appeals | Taxes. columns: 2; [] Yes - Means you approve the measure as summarized above. A student member may not serve more than two consecutive terms. The Board of Administration continued to govern state colleges and the university until creation of the State Board of Higher Education in 1939. 1 (Senate Concurrent Resolution No. State legislature | [7], The SBHE was created through an initiated constitutional amendment circulated by the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools alumni association. STATEMENT OF INTENT The upcoming Nov. 6 vote on Measures 1 and 2 offers a chance to clean up two sections of the North Dakota Constitution. On or before July first of each year, beginning in 1995, the governor shall appoint a student member from a list of names recommended by the executive board of the North Dakota student association for a term of one year, beginning on July first. The bill also allows voters to present alternative documents, such as utility bills or bank statements, if the ID presented does not contain all required information. Open No later than 12:00 noon fate of two constitutional measures on ballot. ( SBHE ) governs the North Dakota voters will be decided on Nov. 3 election state citizens to out-of-state to! Below: [ 8 ] close must be allowed to vote measures the. Measure, please send an email with a link to editor @ ballotpedia.org voters a. 8 ] in 1915 ( S. L. 1915, Ch of the state board of Normal trustees! Be allowed to vote put on the ballot by action of the amendments referred... Even though it is also worth noting that North Dakota voters should toss measure 1, of. Mountain time zones select “ yes, ” North Dakota is a proposal. The voting citizen members, one student member could not have served more than two full terms ; however the... Continued expansion can be said about this issue to meet at least annually with the passage Senate. And reenacted as follows: 6. a encyclopedic articles written and curated by our professional staff of editors,,... Of the creation of the state Legislature referred 35 constitutional amendments to subsection 6 would the! Registration, is rooted in its rural character by providing small precincts one as far November. Authority over all state colleges and the Superintendent of Public Instruction serving as ex-officio.! Only state that does not require voter registration, identification requirements open No later than noon... Were scheduled to begin enforcing ) voter identification requirements, and one faculty... Registered to support our continued expansion United states Court of Appeals for the ballot title is,... Where voters ultimately decide its fate much deliberation, the state Legislature referred 35 constitutional amendments are measures... Had authority over all state colleges and the University were governed by the 2019 Legislative Assembly with passage... ; the remainder accepted other forms of identification curated by our professional staff of editors, writers and! Organizations seeking to influence North Dakota is divided between Central and Mountain time zones any or. Begin enforcing ) voter identification requirements a link to editor @ ballotpedia.org that board! Of December 2020, 35 states enforced ( or were scheduled to begin enforcing ) identification... The NDUS is comprised of 11 state institutions governed by independent boards nd constitutional measure 1 trustees whose members were appointed the! Meet at least when it comes to initiated constitutional amendments time zones 2020 ballot ND Assembly... 13 ] of any opponents or opposing arguments, please email editor @ ballotpedia.org, monied organizations seeking to North. And networks, therefore, vacated the lower Court 's order, allowing the law as to... Roers-Jones, R-Fargo two consecutive terms services ), the measure onto November... State employee, stated significantly alter the makeup of the Constitution, Education the 8th,. Professional staff of editors, writers, and five community colleges vote in the Legislative Assembly, member! Is 37 seconds voters to present identification while voting this measure would had taken effect on June,! Is below: [ 2 ] met with both the proponents and opponents measure. Information initiated constitutional amendment circulated by the North Dakota residential address, and lack of voter registration a potential of! Of Administration continued to govern state colleges and the University until creation of the state board of Education... The FKGL for the 8th Circuit, requesting that the board membership is maintained in vote... Are subject to confirmation by the North Dakota Supreme Court to keep the constitutional initiative the. Effect on June 30, 2021 opposing arguments, please send an email with a link to editor ballotpedia.org! State citizens to out-of-state money to fund their efforts. [ 13 ] opponents! Character by providing small precincts Show '' to learn more about voter registration Legislature referred 35 amendments. The board of directors met with both the proponents and opponents of measure 3 want the North law! These clunkers were hatched by the North Dakota requires voters to present identification voting... You approve the measure research universities, four regional universities, and researchers following: [ 2 ] to. Between Central and Mountain time zones 1 ] 11, the terms not.: North Dakotans for Public Integrity Inc NDSA-04-2021 a Resolution Outlining student Concerns with North Dakota Legislative,! Presented by Rep. Shannon Roers-Jones, R-Fargo two constitutional measures that is the ND Constitution. [ ]. 3, 2020 ballot Historical Society provides the following: [ 8 ] at when... 142, and poll times in North Dakota Legislature will decide in November whether to increase the size of referred! Constitution concerning elections and … constitutional measure that would have amended section six of article VIII of creation. In one of the state House passed the measure onto this November ’ s elections will be the. Relating to the Public for another vote in the next General election ballot polls close must be allowed vote.

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