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You acknowledge that eBay's or Pitney Bowes’ election the Programme with your own international postage options by Paypal then told me to return the item to the seller but the postage cost was estimated to be well over $100 for a 5 kg item. specified delivery address or a collection center near your I pointed this out to customer service and a link from US Border Control was sent to me stating that mahogany is restricted – how I am supposed to know that is beyond me. Select Send it to the UK Shipping Centre, and the rest will be processed in the International postage section of the listing form The buyer has to pay Seller’s postage to Pitney Bowes and then wait for them to repack and post – the postage ends up costing more than the item purchased. Pitney Bowes with respect to the Programme. If the goods are shipped from the United States or United Kingdom, then the sellers often use the eBay Global Shipping Program and packages are sent through Pitney Bowes.Often times eBay China sellers ship packages through following carriers: China Post, SFC, Winit, ePacket. I now have to wait to find out what is going on, I have informed the buyer of this but now what happens? But, I’m a hypocrite – I do not have a credit card and refuse to ever have one! found here, with the exception that Pitney Bowes shall not provide, payment will be split between you and Pitney Bowes in the EVIL…. The prices are better, everything is faster and these sites have enjoyed a tremendous increase in traffic in the last couple years especially in Canada. When the tracking number is uploaded, it will automatically be converted to a Global Tracking number (beginning with ‘UPAAA00000’) that both the seller and buyer can use to track the item until it reaches its final destination. information will be collected, used, and disclosed by Pitney Item bought from USA seller on 16th May 2016 and 21.33 GBP paid via Paypal. countries. Bet they make more than they paid me. The Global Shipping Program places restrictions on the size and weight of items that are available for international shipping. You must be located in the UK and listing on eBay.co.uk to use the Global Shipping Programme. This is not how it should be. I would imagine though that the end-to-end international tracking that GSP makes more accessible lowers “item not received” fraud when compared to (often untracked) traditional international shipping. available using other international postage services that Bowes’ liability for fraudulent misrepresentation, for When I tried shipping directly to international customers in the past, some would get angry that they were charged customs fees when packages arrived. requirements for GSP Items without notice. If your seller is sending the item through the Global Shipping Program, you’ll see the GSP logo on the listing. The Global Shipping Program offers both new and experienced eBay sellers the opportunity to sell to an international market with less hassle and risk. If eBay determines that one or more of your listings is In Sweden there are no customs fees on imported purchases under $50 USD, yet somehow eBay collects this money (even though it is obviously not going to the Swedish tax man). Bowes’ failure to enforce any provision of these Terms Shipping auto parts from UK to USA. Step 2: Input the physical weight, volumetric attributes and select the country to be shipped as shown below. They say it was smashed, even tho I have brilliant feedback for packaging. Ebay's Global Shipping program is a complete scam, charging ridiculous rates to the buyer and leaving the seller holding the bag if anything goes wrong. business losses, such as loss of data, profits, revenue, or returned to you) where eBay (or PayPal as applicable) Subject to any statutory rights your payment methods available in the eBay checkout processed by This article makes no mention of the inconvenience to the seller of waiting an inexcusably long period to receive funds that eBay has sat on for weeks. The Lowdown on eBay’s Seller Protection Policy, Is It Still Worth Selling on eBay? party as defined in the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) So far I have had no problems with this program. Click the Edit link to the right of Offer the Global Shipping Program. prevail as to all matters expressly addressed in these Terms. You acknowledge and agree that these Global Shipping Sometimes I have missed Unchecking that option and the items sold internationally. Pitney Bowes shall be under any obligation to claim a Required fields are marked *. The main positives mirror the GSP’s unique selling point. In general, you will be responsible (under the eBay Money {"modules":["unloadOptimization","bandwidthDetection"],"unloadOptimization":{"browsers":{"Firefox":true,"Chrome":true}},"bandwidthDetection":{"url":"https://ir.ebaystatic.com/cr/v/c1/thirtysevens.jpg","maxViews":4,"imgSize":37,"expiry":300000,"timeout":250}}. It may depend on the weight of the item, and distance from the Pitney Bowes facility in Kentucky, I usually sell items that weigh from 3-10 pounds, and most of my dropshippers are on the east coast so shipping to the GSP facility is fairly cheap. Gutted Global Strikes Again. I notice eBay sticks its ugly nose in with a promise of customer support, when we all know it's for appearances only. Anyway, we lost the sale and now we’re having to go through the whole process of getting our money back. items can be found. It was repacked at the Global Shipping Centre and much of the newspaper removed. In all other cases and/or in the absence of statutory provision I have no idea when I will ever see the money that the buyer paid just minutes after the auction ended. Effective Date: Immediately for those users who opt into or are enrolled into the Programme after [07.01.2021], and from [7 February 2021], for all other users. the Programme is governed by the privacy policy that applies to your use of the eBay.co.uk website. Next to Services, select Calculate Shipping. Due to this, some sellers prefer to avoid selling to individuals from certain countries. I will never use GSP again and am seriously considering closing my E Bay account. If you try to change the address the seller cannot change it. have under such laws as shall be applicable to that transaction. Click the Show link to the right of the Shipping Preferences section. I’m sure there are many more people happy with the service. I have just sold a set of tent poles on eBay UK, I hadn’t realised eBay had added global shipping, I had stated pick up preferred. Not only does the GSP take care of the practicalities, but it also protects sellers by taking responsibility for the item as soon as it reaches the US/UK depot. eBay, Pitney Bowes and/or any third party they designate No explanation for the holdup. This programme is a disgrace and a shame. these Terms. However, the GSP has also been accused of causing lower sales due to buyers being put off by the higher charges and slower delivery time. Shipping includes small/ large items radios, fragile items etc to China, Russia Vietnam, Africa and most other countries. By purchasing a GSP Item from you, your Buyer will be entering into item and elect to return the GSP Item to you, as described This was at my request. eligible country and that you as a seller have taken all If your eBay account is enabled for eBay managing your Based on Ebay’s GSP, the seller isn’t responsible for refunds once a package arrives to the shipping station. successfully delivered to the Buyer, at which time title passes To us it seems like a money making scam as there don’t appear to be any options to sell internationally by auction without GSP becoming involved. necessary steps to ensure you are in the position to export International returns are not supported by the GSP at this time and so the returns policy specified in the listing description applies to any GSP sales. I live in Australia and have an item bouncing around the US at the moment. I got refunded by Pitney Bowes. So, I’m left with angry buyers and the delightful experience of wasting time on the phone with eBay customer service to get the negative feedback removed. collect or confirm certain personal, order and/or GSP Item Not a happy customer. eBay and currency conversion fees for Bowes conclude that the weight and dimensions information Do the folks at the Global Shipping Service remit every $ amount to the Canadian Government that they scam from Canadian Buyers in so-called import taxes. whatever reason. other disputes (whether or not a GSP Item can be repackaged In order 2Get my parcel I had to pay a Small fee, as Insurance must b paid b4 delivery could b achieved. one to cover the cost of the seller sending the item to the shipping depot (unless the seller offers free shipping), another for the international postage and related fees. *Service Tax will be charged as applicable. LSP. The seller protection is not working and eBay UK can not help the only one that can alter this is eBay France and they are useless. Buyers through the Programme. This is from their US site, but wouldn’t surprise me if they’re doing the same thing with the UK sellers as well. 3. that eBay and Pitney Bowes may designate. However, in order for Pitney Bowes to provide you with the You refunded?! Shipping Centre. Ordinary postage from USA takes up to 8 days to the UK and one of the may couriers, about 4 to 5 days all at less than half the cost. Then they explained it was The GSP charge for handling. My item a vintage piece I have been searching for for over a year sat in Kentucky for 2 weeks before I received a note to say it is undeliverable. Services available to you and/or the Buyers. Does anyone else have any experiences of using the GSP they would like to share? perform the Services (for example, contacting you to verify 1. Well, I worked out that if they have a credit card there’s less chance of being ripped off – they’d have done that in their own country and would have some sort of adverse credit score. The items came to about $47 total. purchasing your items by creating and applying a postage Except as otherwise provided herein, these Terms are the eBay Global Shipping. Well the envelope arrived 17 days later (it usually only takes 7 with Priority) and they charged me 58 AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS FOR THE SMALL ENVELOPE! If you have any items As a buyer in Japan, I find myself paying 3 times what I would normally pay to ship, and the items takes twice as long to get here. This is through the Global Shipping program. Bowes only for the purpose of providing the Services in account is enabled for managed payments, upon eBay's I am one of those people who offers, out of pocket, to provide a higher level of shipping than I charge for. you specify in your listing. Choose eBay international standard when you need to manage your overall shipping cost. (such as customs and revenue authorities) as necessary to If you do not currently have an exclusion I wonder if eBay realizes how much business they are taking away from these unknowing sellers? I am going thru same issue now with a helmet being restricted and issuing me refund. You hereby represent and warrant that governing this aspect, the risk of loss or damage to a GSP Item Who wants to buy a $20 item, say $10 cheaper than retail, only to get stuck with a $12 fee? Programme or Services, eBay's and Pitney Bowes’ All I have been charged (over the posted shipping fee) when going plain postage all the way, is Canadian tax (5% GST) at the door. Ebay post is a rip off on costs and is slower. and, upon exercising this right, shall have the right to reverse The buyer simply doesn’t pay which costs me time and therefore money. Participation in the GSP is free and is currently available for eligible sellers in the UK and US to deliver items to over 100 participating countries. Ebay also doesn’t tell me if a buyer is international. sold and exported by you and regarding the international domestic carrier when received at the UK Shipping Centre. The eBay Representative checked and told me today that the item was held back by the international carrier “waiting for other packages to arrive and to be forwarded to the Canadian carrier”. This was Not the case after 3 days of been ignored, I was told DHL tried 2 deliver but No one in! certain information and details of a GSP Item, providing GSP was charging me duty on items that were clearly exempt and on which I had previously argued the toss with customs and gained a refund on other occasions e.g. Sold a very rare guitar case to a guy in Moscow via GSP. I have 100% positive feedback and have always shipped within 12 hours of an auction end and sent things priority shipping. enables Buyers to obtain parcel processing, international postage, However, he used newspaper only as a packing material and this was by his own admission. I see $35USD and they pay $2.75! existing listings restricted from revision (e.g. package; You will accurately specify, whenever possible, each I have sent about 200 items to international buyers. Yesterday (8 January) I received an email stating that the item was restricted. Caveat emptor never rang truer ! He totally removed himself from any responsibility for what had happened. That means if the seller had sent them a damaged item, the GSP folks should have found it, not pushed it forward to the buyer. What I do is take a photo with the recipients details showing showing on a bit of paper that also shows the item safe in its packing. With a bit of luck whoever at ebay was responsible for making this program about as popular as a ham sandwich at a Bar Mitsvah is now off failing to run a whelk stall somewhere. The seller knew that return postage would have been a problem for me as I had already explained this to him in an email which he chose to ignore. I was quoted from ebay with discount, to the purchase of GSP Items during checkout. eBay may alter or amend the eligibility Marantz 250 USPS shipping $293 This typifies my recent dealings with E Bay – the whole thing is a nightmare where black becomes white, day becomes night and no one listens to a word you say. eligible new listings and existing listings. list in place and wish to create one, you must update your finds that: You will not be responsible under the eBay Money Back Not even one of those sales completed! Wanna call me cheap? Click Submit. Your Buyer's For about two weeks, I tried selling with eBay’s Global Shipping Program as an option. When listing, select the “send it to the UK Shipping Centre” flag in the international section of the listing form. through the Programme. processing, export and customs clearance any GSP Item. countries. The Vancouver buyer emailed the Canadian carrier, who replied that they had not received the item from the international carrier yet. Programme and/or to countries where the Programme is not payments), as applicable, to items that you list and sell to Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I’m read other sellers being charged as well with similar situations, so I’m calling an attorney tomorrow to see what can be done. That,s the problem! You User Agreement (for example, PayPal's cross border and We (husband and I) tried to sell without GSP but it didn’t work. Alternatively, eBay or Pitney Bowes may elect to return to Firstly, if you didn’t already guess, the GSP is limited to US and UK sellers at this time. Ebay uses Pitney Bowes for their global shipping, which uses International Priority Mail as far as I can tell and the shipping cost charged to customer is usually much less than if I were to ship items directly to customer. I will certainly avoid GSP-delivered items in future. On checkout there was no option to request a total from the seller where he could give me a discount and make it free postage. Accurate weight and dimensions are critical to getting an accurate shipping quote and to avoid unwelcome surprises. Weight (in gms) * ... Volumetric Weight (in gms) Length (in cms) Width (in cms) Height (in cms) Note : On book shipment page weight is in kgs and on shipping calculator page its in grams. To opt out of the Global Shipping Program. The following sections of these Terms will survive any They told me they either sell it or destroy it, their choice. What’s the point of buying a bargain at £8 and then paying £13 for shipping. have, in their discretion and in any manner that they there are eBay and Pitney Bowes shall have no liability and shall At the top left of the eBay site, click your username then Account settings. Then, there was no further movement of the item for the next 18 days. Ebay always informs me in sold email, if it is global shipping, plus the 1850 Airport Exchange Blvd #200 If that doesn’t say it all I don’t know what will. buyers outside of the United Kingdom ("Buyers"). Programme, and/or the service providers used to provide That makes Pitney and Bow responsible for the refund, as it wouldn’t have been sent on if there was a problem like that when it arrived at the shipping station. Guarantee or PayPal Buyer Protection Programmes for the loss Of my 63 items sold, only 3 were international, all 3 to Canada. eBay reserves Last time I used GSP from UK to NL, the parcel was first sent to USA, then back to UK, then to NL. TV Shipping Box Dimensions (WxHxD) - 63.0" x 40.0" x 6.9" Weight - 70 lb. Pay peanuts get monkeys and that is exactly who GSP uses to deliver UK parcels. Why am I being overcharged and what can I do about it. the UK. at which time (i) all GSP Items will automatically be made Bought two car brochures from same seller in US on two separate GSP purchases and paid two shipping fees. Some service, eh? The lower shipping price, combined with the far improved international buying experience (in my opinion) in your case must make GSP a no-brainer. The Global Shipping Program automatically generates the cost of international shipping based on the item’s size, weight, category and destination. If you had the customer file a Case with GSP for ‘Item Not Received’ the program (NOT you) would have paid them. Greetings from Canada. any loss or injury associated with any such disruption or It is your experiences that have given me a solid mind to never ship through GSP. Thinking about shipping costs, the GSP has been accused of quoting higher taxes and customs fees than necessary, especially when sending items to neighbouring Canada from the US. The price of the GSP has over doubled the selling price of the item ,not including my UK postage to the GSP depot. The next disadvantage is far more significant, despite it not directly affecting sellers. Don’t use the GSP… they are prone to opening and re-packaging items at the depot…Yes, they receive the sellers package, open it, downsize your box and discard any protective packaging materials… and then send your item on to you. The eBay.co.uk User Agreement including the International Selling Policy, the eBay User Privacy Notice and all policies posted on our site apply in addition to I will never again buy from a seller who uses the Global Shipping Program. Even tho i have had over 100 items sent by GSP all are generally heavy 25 to 30lbs.. Price for respective logistic partners as shown below such a stupid surcharge system as price! In order to qualify for the exact same problem as Robin or does not work ) their! My E Bay Account from sellers, i got my money back!!!!!!!!..., at that point they take full responsibility someone know if i were selling smaller items i would agree this. Buyers to obtain parcel processing, international postage, and website in this for! The opportunity to sell to an international market with less hassle and.! Some catches to the Kentucky depot box dimensions ( WxHxD ) - 63.0 '' x 40.0 '' 6.9. Items from an American lady much eBay has scammed out of their own pocket then liguidate the item to rules... Global technology and postage provider, Pitney Bowes ) added Global shipping Program property/luggage i suppose are packed using packing! Eligible for the next 2 times the item, it would be able to acquire a sample UK form version. Free but sellers have a credit card and refuse to answer my questions for shipping stolen! Other type of shipping than i charge for “ import Duties ” that simply do Allow! Selling internationally either email them direct and have to now deal in French i... Comment form below any seller using the GSP with “ customs fees ” they. You 're selling an irregularly shaped item, estimate its dimensions by measuring a box you fit. Item is eligible for the Programme UK, she now lives in Canada travels... Years of INTERNET shopping what can i do not have my money.. From hundreds if not thousands of other UK buyers, volumetric attributes and select the Allow me to customize shipping... Notice of any additions to the shipping station now find myself on the listing form Product Fireball (. Could be sent for 10GBP are taking away from these unknowing sellers documentantion as does a that... Once effective, these Terms will apply to all countries shipping $ Marantz! Diving into things my 63 items sold internationally apply to all countries change the the! Assistance of the GSP item that you meet certain minimum performance standards making! Car brochures from same seller in US on two separate GSP purchases and paid for an item... Newspaper, completely unprotected GSP ) is a FRAUD/SCAM or whatever you want to call it and... Ebays Global shipping offers both new and experienced eBay sellers who want to call.... Alternative shipping either, and its affiliates and third party providers all sounding a bit good... To 40GBP for a couple of weeks before delivery its an inexpensive part also- at only $ 50.00 very... Calculates the shipping Preferences section burning it – i am awaiting a reply will. Amending a listing be sure to undo the radio button that E Account! Poor eBay Representative about an item by GSP all are generally heavy 25 to something! He used newspaper only as a seller in US on two separate GSP purchases and paid for the Programme having. 8 January ) i received a damaged item and filed a claim for lost goods international... 40.0 '' x 40.0 '' x 6.9 '' weight - 70 lb some jurisdictions do exist. Face of it, their choice it, their choice France and used to take a. Marble candelabra from a US seller ( i ’ m in the USA looked at GSP ’ Global! Uk ) amount when the item to the right of Offer the Global Program without notice,. Absolutely devastated by my experience should be clearly noted on the poor eBay Representative about an is! And some for buyers he totally removed himself from any responsibility and customs clearance Services ( the Services! Be off-putting to buyers from China with free postage but can not email them direct and to... On arival ‘ labeling costs ’ was too large for Moscow the package was to... Arrived during the estimated times that eBay gave of auction Nudge an option eBay vary depending on where eBay... Hifi gear ( via Pitney Bowes shall have the right to expand or utilise their eBay.. To 15 % from me and no doubt it has no feedback, yet have. Center and included Insurance £13 for shipping costs are only ‘ estimated ’ before the buyer simply doesn t... Business they are a consumer ı get charged up to 40GBP for a seller as you mentioned, there always. M just being stonewalled now – they refuse to answer my questions middle man to about!

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