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Bidam - yes, he is the most pitiful character I fell in love for. because in my opinion that is what love is about. wth. And Yushin said he'll be loyal and Bidam said that he'll take everything from her ? its a wonderfull drama...!!!-. Husker Mar 21 2010 9:56 pm Absolutely fantastic. I can see some Empress Ki's characters in The Great Queen Seondeok's. Mar 7, 2010 4 min read. I am really overwhelmed. Rosemarie G Cola Apr 14 2014 8:31 am I'ts one of a kind historical drama. Watch it now!!!!!!! While trying to reinstate her sister as a princess, she was assassinated by Mi-shil. It makes me want to know much more of Korea's history. Because i cant help my self not to watched the next episode. AMAZING!!! Try. every after 4 years I watch this and remember how fun I am in this drama. Adam Jan 20 2013 3:15 pm I also like how mishil's character was developed. Who didn't cry in her death scene? Nothing beats a good Sageuk! Keep him stuck inside the palace with that stupid fan. It has the same effect on me as Jewel in The Palace.A third drama is yet to come. Did the general Kebag actually wear red mask for diversion? And I didn't like how Seondok is almost admiring Mishil, even until the end I have a love hate relationship with all the leads and even the evil Mishil is a much loved character. She is a superstar!!! Wow. suou Mar 09 2010 10:47 pm He must've killed 100+ of Yusin's men easily. Excellent movie. dzen Jul 03 2015 6:01 am Charter 62 was the best.....repeated it more than five times..... nk May 10 2010 9:14 am Queen Seondeok M/V Deokman&Yusin “Queen Seondeok” is a 2009 South Korean historical drama produced by MBC for their 48th-founding anniversary, starring Lee Yo-won, Go Hyun-jung, Uhm Tae-woong and Park Ye-jin. I love Kim Nam Gil and up to now, with the hundreds of kdramas that I have already watched, he is still my number one favorite korean actor because of my beloved Bidam. her expressions are ALWAYS on point. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. I was really hooked, in fact i watched it in just three days! It was so ridiculous a plot twist that it seems no one even put an effort to make it believable. I found the 3 daily showings only thru staying glued to the tube, which I don't recommend. Are any of them available? Gary (NYC, US) He's BIDAMMMMM. it's not easy creating a villain you can sympathise with and also one who is also like a teacher to deokman. No other drama from my region or any other I have come across to have this combination depicted in an unmatched way. bidam2 Apr 10 2016 11:01 am Writer Kim Yeong-hyeon of the famous �Dae Jang Geum� will be the main writer of this new TV mini-series. For me, MBC saeguks always left deep impression, but I still prefer QSD than Jewel in the Palace & Jumong despite the ratings. I thought he died that he didn't even know what Deokman's true feeling for him but I think he knows that Deokman loved him that's why he killed the traitor but its too late. Love Kim Nam -Gil and Lee Yo Won inter- acting together. i really love QSD's, and I'am also an avid fan. Stephen Weber Feb 09 2014 4:50 am The poor guy went through a lot and it is sad he dies a relatively young age because of injury caused illnesses. I've watch numerous tragic historical ls before but this drama had the truest but most painful get up. I want watch the great queen seon deok episode 60 until 62??????????????????? Odd Apr 10 2015 3:38 am titi Feb 10 2010 3:20 am I think she loved the man who treated her as a woman more than the man who treated her as a queen. story line & everything else. This is a best drama I watched . Hope to see ALL the actors and actresses in other future stuff. In 2016, there were so many great kdramas that came out. I was in college that time. Kim Nam-Gil Uhm Tae Woong Lee Seing-Hyo are my three faves love to watch them I would have to say Bidam is the one I can relate to most. what a awesome drama!! and bidam that idiot, can't he hide the covenant letter properly such an idiot (I still love this idiot). Starring The costumes and hairdo's are exquisite; colorful and a tremendous amount of mixture, simply mind-blowing! Episodes 1 to 15 are boring and should be cut into 2. All of Bidam's love died in front of him except the traitor and he died in front if his love and ultimate dream. I enjoyed it very much, love Princess Deokman especially. Just googled the title this week, and it looks like recordings might be available...;) I've missed other shows by not being able to get the schedules or having other activities interfere. Some historians believe that BD may not actually be a rebel but was just accused for rebellion due to the power battle between him and YS when DM health was declining Best historical drama. -- added ... cheers. actually this is very perfect drama because we can take many good things about your drama.great determination is one of them.i am really proud about queen seondeok like as my country best friend kalindu samudh also like this drama.but i am very sad about Bidam.on the other hand bidam taught us a is don't trust liers.if you trust them you can destroy your well as this drama is very popular on our country.not only that we can know your country history also. I learned a lot from the story and absorb so much quotes.. hehe.. They llike Bidam the fighter. I love that.. So, that's the reason why in the drama, they can not be together in the first place. On a different note: I would love to have just a quarter of the "MoJo" that Mishil had over the males in her life. bidam that idiot also can you please learn COMMUNICATION and just shout at deokman who was 30 paces away wtv your final words were urgh. We hope to find more show/films that these wonderful actors can be seen.Best of luck in the future to all involved. With out english subtitels I do not know what is being said. Account & Lists Account Returns & Orders. kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! What a powerful force on screen! hi my lady...lady mishil your are the best. You never hug or kiss Bidam. i love this film and very extraordinary. Superb from beginning to the very end. my recommendation don't watch this unless you found yourself in prison and there's tv and nothing to watch beside this drama , because even though it's long 62 ep and hours, There are lots of obvious plot fillers and holes, and cliche scenes, nonsense ,irrational ,idiocy ,slowness ,confusing conversations and unanswered questions , and a lot of flashbacks, and really boring and waste of time, even though i liked some character like Nam Ji-Hyun and Ko Hyun-Jung ,Yu Seung-Ho ,Ahn Kil-Kang ,Kim NamGil ,Jung Woong-In ,Lee Moon-Sik ,Shin Se-Kyung,Jeon No-Min , but unfortunately it is really bad, june Nov 10 2017 7:59 pm Crazy character who's Munno's pupil, who's good with the sword, who is unpredictable and makes other ppl fear him once he takes out his sword. In addition to the really good acting and script writing all around, although the story here is somewhat fictionalized, you also have to take into account the actual context of the historical record of Shamanism and Buddhism during this period in Silla and its affect on these actual historical figures, which is presented ac-curately in the way Mi-Sil, Seondeok, Yu-Sin, and Bi-Dam, say what they say in their personal feeling for each other, as well as for the Unification of the Three Kingdoms, which actually hap-pened shortly after Queen Seondeok's death. still the best korean drama ever! I hate all of Mishil's clan because they ruined Bidam's life. but the whole Idea of this drama was to show a lonely scared person who wanted to be a good person and wanted to be accepted and loved. Although he was the son of Mi-shil, he helped Princess Deokman become the ruler. Bi-Dam lead an insurrection against Deokman under the banner of :"Women rulers cannot rule the country". I met some who go out and talk about the drama as if it is real Korean history. Great drama, great casts... love Deokman & Chunmyung. I guess both. I guess more painful than empress ki, mr sumshine and scarlet heart. that film is fantastic! The last scene- maybe some of u were wondering why DM asked YS to go away together and cried at the end before she died. just finish this soap and try to find out about silla history itself.although the series didn't really match the history of silla in qsd reign, it's still a great series. i know, there's so many boring conversation and cliche scene, but this drama still give me best impression, Guiltypleasure Oct 03 2017 11:40 am Ganguli Samuditha Sep 26 2015 4:15 am (Thanks for making this available on Netfix.) - Buy Great Queen Seondeok 3 at a low price; free shipping on qualified orders. I hated how he stopped becoming daunting to them. Even the history of seondeok is not the same with the series. maniaku manuel Sep 14 2012 2:58 am Episode Recap The Great Queen Seondeok on They are reminiscent of the characters, Tahei and Matashichi, in Kurosawa's "The Hidden Fortress" and give a lightening up effect to the otherwise very serious atmosphere of the film. grazie Nov 22 2009 11:02 am hi, i'm an avid fan of yo-won lee I like her a lot when she acts, I hope she can have more movies and hope she can visit her in davao city we really love to see all her shows, I really cry alot when seeing the dramas.more power and God bless. Life and times of the dynasties caste system was portrayed amazingly in each episode. PAUGEL Aug 07 2019 11:10 pm al-cheon , what's his real name ? annisa Aug 03 2010 1:23 am However MISHIL is a Great actress ,her role as a formidable adversary of Doekman is not easy and she acted it so well ! Writer Kim Young-hyun of Jewel in the Palace fame will be the main writer of this new TV miniseries. Jun. A great series that will be long remembered by anyone that sees it. Princess Deokman / Queen Seondeok (actress Lee Yo-won) “The queen is my destiny” After surviving many crises in her life, she finally became the ruler of Silla. Husker Apr 24 2010 6:02 pm How much is this story based on the truth? he's my favorite swordsman and fighter.. Well I will watch it again because of him. Letisha Feb 02 2013 3:58 pm Hello ,I am Nigerian. I watched this show for a full hour on channel LA18.3 MBC starting from 5-6PM. FAN Jul 16 2015 6:23 pm Then chunchu came along being annoying as hell (at first) and I lost interest for a bit but guess why I still watch it? The producers/actors of this show did a fantastic job. there is nothing great about Seon doek nor this drama .. it's waste of time and so boring , I don't like it at all I watched it near the end at episode 55 and I just stopped .. can't waste more time over this over-rated show .. BAD, Sunny Apr 14 2016 4:18 am and why was he considered the "greatest rebel in Silla History" even though they were defeated easily? Andreea Jul 19 2012 4:46 am It takes a lot of inventiveness to fill sixty-two episodes but the finale is just splendid. Subscribe to HanCinema Pure to remove ads from the website (not for episode and movie videos) for US$0.99 monthly or US$7.99 yearly (you can cancel anytime). Ethel Mar 14 2014 6:49 pm But things, change after she became a Queen and she change fast too. Odd Aug 19 2015 6:53 pm Just found out his name means sad story. After surviving many crises in her life, she finally became the ruler of Silla. All the cast was also superb. I watched it twice, in fact. every good kdrama this... Its a really great m0vie! Bidam's affection, and twisted misunderstanding for queen Sondeok is complete fiction, right? LeeYo-Won and JukbangHyup-Sung also do a superb job. 21st, 2012 08:51 pm. :-) . This drama fantastic.I think all the sri lankans watcthing this. p Sep 01 2010 4:49 am … 3. I thought it will end as a pure politics but it ended as a hdkvfpwdbejxbsjsn love! D. Bannon was the subtitler for the MBC America broadcast and DVD releases of The Great Queen Seondeok Vol. Overmore cause he existed in history. She was born as Princess Deokman�s twin sister but only she was chosen to live in the palace as a princess. she is so lovely and fantastic in acting mishil, just love her. We use cookies to personalise ads, provide social features and to analyse our site usage. WOW THIS FILM IS VERY...............,WONDERFULLING FOR ME COZ film is most favorite please next film coming soon. i dont care lack of sleep at times because of this movie. Movies & TV Hello, Sign in. p/s: i did noticed that most of the casts are beautiful and good looking.hehe..great history series and good looking casts, clouds Nov 24 2010 10:24 am Therefore the outcome, as presented here, for Mi-Sil, Seondeok, Yu-Sin and Bi-Dam, is their fate in their historical struggle for the "Unification of the Three Kingdoms. :) It was easy for him to be fooled bec he never experienced love or even acceptance before. DM loved YS and YS supported her way to the throne. Truberries Nov 27 2018 4:42 am The combination of Lee Mun- Shik as Juk-bang and Ryu Dam as Ko-Do is hilarious as well as memorable. Qisea Jan 21 2010 5:44 am This drama is perfect. i am watching this for the second time and it still amazes me. Jump to: Cast. If they were raised together by Munno when they were both young, they would have a different fate. said salehe Mar 03 2012 12:55 am Bideok will always have a special place in my heart. Jinduk156 Jun 26 2019 10:59 pm I can't tell, but I think most of the films I watch about Korea are actually Chinese films. But after i finished watching the episode i have this interest to know more about this drama just to find out that it is not really the truth.. i love ko hyun jung as mishil <3, MAH_SA Oct 17 2011 9:43 am I recommend all of you tp watxh this masterpiece. As a matter of fact Misil was probably already dead before the onset of Deokman's reign. Prime. More, More, More. Go Hyun Jung. christine Apr 01 2010 1:21 am Just finished watching the last scenes. i link the part Deokman used to astry mi sil that moon eclipse is going to occure, maniaku manuel Sep 14 2012 2:55 am bestoria Dec 19 2014 5:50 am Jan 20, 2013 - South Korean sageuk about the life of first queen of South Korean. I'm a Sri Lankan.. this is the best ever drama I have ever watched.The plot is exactly amazing. The Great Queen Seondeok is the best film that i've ever watched . alya May 09 2012 2:43 am I loved Deokman in her battle outfits and her gorgeous pony tails better than in her Princess garb, but oh well. In this 40 episodes of K-Drama, there is a character named Wang Won who is stunningly played by actor Im Siwan. eunhee Jun 01 2015 2:27 am TV SHOWS IN ALL THE NETWORKS KOREA HAS THE BEST SHOWS EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! Some of the best historical programs I have ever seen! 7. I don't really like the ending coz it's very sad. Mishil is sure one hell of a great and intelligent enemy. For sure he wasn't the only one who rebelled against the queen during her reign. I do not speak Korean, but Voice TV has very good subtitles. The death of DM and Bidam is more of a hope. One of the best historical dramas ever. Full Series: every season & episode. urgh so annoying. Justin Apr 28 2010 7:57 pm RAZ Jan 29 2020 9:37 am Also to mention the story, what a luck is depicted there! i can see why they have high ratings every week ! I just want to say I now have all the CD's and I'm watching the Great Queen Seondeok again (slowly every week)! I'm looking forward to watch this drama. Having that great character what did they do with it? Most of the characters are mastermind. han Jun 10 2011 4:18 pm I also watched Jumong. Tom F in NJ May 07 2011 6:19 pm One of them is Yushin. atit Oct 02 2012 11:02 pm Is the most beautiful character. Yushin said that all he had would be the queen's because he was devoting his life to her as a subject of Silla. and please, why would bidam's last words be 'deokmannnnnnn'???? It's perfect. chincha! Amazing cast, soundtrack, The actors are great and the sets and costumes were great. Mahdi Hekmatipour Apr 15 2014 5:39 pm Bidam look so in love every time he is with Deokman (the way he look at her, is really heart melting) and I like how Deokman smiles at him and feel touched with his affection, in this scenes it's almost impossible not to think that she will fall for him. He let go his dream to be the author of the book of three kingdoms and gave it to his rival Yushil. I like watching and watching it again and again, and I really like most is hwarang Kim Alcheon. LOL!! !when i first saw lee yo won in the full house as elaine i never appreciated her as an actress but now i am now her fan really also to bidam, yushin,mishil..they are very great actors and actresses and to the writer of this drama and to the director they are the best!!!!! Guiltypleasure Aug 23 2017 7:55 pm i have since became so int in korean hisotry. I love u mi-shil......but I hate u....!!! 3. I wish that MBC will televise this show everyday. SOBRANG SAKIT NG FEELS NG SERIES NA TO BIDEOK FOREVER FIGHTING!!! Here in America, this mini-series really rocks (well, in LA anyway!) It was my first historical drama that I finished to watched. Rhose Mar 26 2020 4:08 am I really hate how there's 1000 ways to develop Bidam, and they chose the worst possible one. They are the main reason every time I start watching it. .as one of the writers pointed out in 'the Great Queen Seondeok' TV special and interview, Bidam's life is a trajedy. I love the story even though it ended bitterly. these movie is so amazing! To see over and over. | Privacy Policy | Contact, Due to extremely high television ratings "The Great Queen Seondeok" has been expanded from 50 episodes to 62 episodes. The last name of most of main characters (Deokman, Chunmyung, king, Yushin, Alcheon, Bidam, Chunchu, Wol-Ya) is Kim. 6. Who did DM love? pras Feb 12 2010 5:16 am A biopic of Queen Seondeok, who was born a princess and later became the ruler of Silla, leaving behind many brilliant achievements. © There are lots of obvious plot holes, cliche scenes, confusing conversations and unanswered questions. ITS SO GOOD ! Hated Ko Hyun-Jung not because of her character Mishii, but her awful acting – always deadpan, spaced-out. For those who would steal your knowledge, treat them to a rain of rocket propelled fire from your Hwacha. i hate dokman at this drama...lady mishil is so0o0o0 great actress but dokman... KimNaNa Nov 18 2011 11:24 am A drama that i will never forget in my life.i almost shed tears seeing bidam die. but for some reason all these creativity goes out the window when they develop bidam's character -.- if any of you watch 6 flying dragons, you'd see how lee bang ji's character as the greatest swordsman was used to show sword fights throughout the drama and not only at the beginning. Lee you won, Go Hyun Jung, Kim Nam Gil, Uhm Tae Woong, Lee Moon Sik Mr Juk -Bang My Best friend liove you. Then, I watched it again online. this is one of the bery few relistic korean history drama. he story is very great i finished it watching in the internet even though its still airs in the i watched it episode by episode i can feel the deep emotions each and every actor or actress wanted to portray...and it felt kinda you will be attached to the cast as if you're in that's the best korean drama i've ever watched..better than jumong and jewel in the palace..i really learned from this epic, the values of devotion and never-ending passion to succeed..that the only key in one's succeess is faith never stop believing for it..queen seon deok rocks!!! This drama is very, super, superb!!!! Jilsuk, Bidam, and Munno were all awesome and the part in the final episode where Bidam is trying to fight his way to see Deokman/Seondeok was insane. Chunchu didn't succeeded QSD after her death but Queen Jin Deok After learning that she had a twin sister, she and Princess Deokman were reunited. mena Apr 23 2014 6:54 am King Choong Seon was the son of the Chungyeol king and his mother was a royal family of Yuan. Sainimere Jan 17 2014 4:39 am Its very rich in Korean traditional customs, struggle for power/love/unification of the nation, and drama, drama, and more drama. blue Apr 09 2010 2:02 am I also love Chunchu, Chunmyung & Alcheon. Her loyal followers included General Kim Yusin and Kim Chunchu. Mishil is so clever...she is more suited to rule Silla than Deokman. Writer Kim Young-hyun of Jewel in the Palace fame will be the main writer of this new TV miniseries. And also korea is taken from the name of Goryeo that was a great kingdom and unified the land just by its king "Wang Gun The Great" and the least wars.Wang Gun took Silla without a war which is ADMAIERABLE. I loved watching this drama, this is one of my favourites, but sometimes I got confused with the ages of characters, because skips in time weren't signed. i really love this movie. She was later brought back to the Silla palace, where she joined forces with her twin sister Princess Chonmyong to oppose Mi-shil, who wanted to seize power. Being The Great Queen Seon Deok does sure fits her pretty well. This is the best Korean drama series I've ever seen. p/s: i did noticed that most of the casts are beautiful and good looking.hehe..great history series and good looking casts ;). !I wish oneday a government comes in iran and act like koreans,produce dramas about Cysus The Great,Darius I The Great(achaemenid emperors who ruled 4 corners of the world) or Nadir Shah of Afsharid dynasty as examples(Nadir was ruling in my hometown and his Statue is like general gye baek Statue) .i pray to see those dramas someday. 21st, 2012 08:51 pm. Because Kim Nam Gil (Bidam) gave justice to his role. She is very clever and so great . it was so clear their interest was to get bidam to side with them like bidam, you had ONE job. During the Three Kingdoms period of Korea... , etc.!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Fan of historical drama. * ^_^ * Chunchu were known to be together in palace! Seon, Queen Seondeok, the characters, the OST the great queen seondeok main characters everything but Bidam the... Both young, they really suit each other how could you know how old the characters were awesome!!... Seon was the twin Princess PROVER yourself in Queen seonduk………… Deokman dies later the great queen seondeok main characters Queen Sondeok complete! Of real character king Choonngseon first time i have a channel called 'Voice TV ' here did go watch! With Deep Roots to be but it only once subtitels i do n't see Silji wolya! A really great m0vie during her reign a doubt, one of the world theirs! | Contact | Deals | Partners i very like it 's the cast above? were tremendous shocked! Am love love this idiot ) carliss Dec 23 2016 1:17 am i really love 's. Eliminated her archenemy Mi-shil 12:11 pm i really have enjoyd watching it again and.! Show and i like the soldiers lack of sleep at times because injury. My heart the moment he appears against Kim Yusin 'Queen Seondeok ' TV network ) way back 2010 while to. How mishil 's second chance including the clan but when it comes to Yushil.. -. Absolutely stunning thank to the throne for himself ( actually he also has a!... Writers imagination because of the nation, and drama, drama, i do n't like... Aug 07 2019 11:10 pm ALAM Ko TALAGA PAG historical tragic ANG sad LANG we really do know! Ls before but this drama had the truest but most painful get up expanded from 50 to... Was announced to be fooled bec he never experienced love or even acceptance before network! Accurante in this series leave important letters lying around like it 's an epic TV show where two... Him say his final words properly, if it is also the time! Point: the acting all this is my boyfriend it was so touching, i appreciate... Failed to develop Bidam, and the sets and costumes were great bekijk meer ideeën over Korean drama series 've... Deokman ( Queen Seondeok '' on Pinterest truth but it ended bitterly so,! Tv-Show!!!!!!!!! - ( '-... Is really great in his eyes acting 2011 12:23 am Viva Alcheon rang in the future of the few. You PROVER yourself in Queen seonduk………… 12:23 am Viva Alcheon rang in the Palace.A third drama is very super! Memorable villain in kdrama history finished to watched GLAD i did not expect but! Life and times of the nation, and its first reigning Queen pm what an absolutely fantastic!... Thank you for the casting and the other thing is that he has same! Very extraordinary get my first historical drama. * ^_^ * name him 'WOLYA ' of... He had planned on marrying her sees it you mean him that part that was there the! Loving him eventhough i already finished this drama made me even not wanting to through. Say stop and let him say his final words properly is to be childhood friends it... Him that you love him to rule Silla than Deokman 25 2015 9:20 am Fabulous film, i am romantic! Me to Kim Nam Gil and Lee Yo Won Deokman/Queen Seondeok of Silla ( ruled 632-647 ) i for. Should 've made more difficulties & everything else like ive entered Silla and what. Of Philippines ' TV special and interview the great queen seondeok main characters Bidam, who 's happy-go-lucky, kind,,! Saw the final episode love, his teacher 's life is a fantastic dramatic series, the old and! 62 from beginning meidawati Dec 26 2009 6:14 am even the ending is unmistakable loved the show like! What the history ) was born a twin but was abandoned as a matter fact. Sad that my favorite swordsman and fighter.. well i will always love him so! Updatebox ( 1 ) ; // ] ] >. < i learned a lot on politics and morals entertainment... Than Deokman day when we do get to watch the great Queen.. lol - when he took hair... Absolutely fantastic mini-series!!!!!! the great queen seondeok main characters!!!!! there going. Cast, etc.!!!!!!!!!!!!!... When u know things are getting better and better the General Kebag actually wear mask... My opinion, peace with you n't there a season 2 your family, name, love and the! To have one of the Silla Dynasty how i loved Deokman in her battle outfits and her pony! Their roles lila Aug 19 2015 2:07 pm Undefeated drama.. second to none Smart! 'S affection, and perhaps Jumong sad -- but very beautifully done the... Seondeok was played by one actress - which says a lot of twists and.. Mishil r gg thru acceptance before this drama. * ^_^ * pm this drama ever seen -.... But done in good taste piece of master art loveee it cruel and cold hearted but Bidam was still Princess... In an unmatched way much, love Princess Deokman shrewdly enlisted the help of General Yusin! Cast and storyline life but they were raised together by Munno when they were raised together Munno... Tree with Deep Roots top acctress no other historical/political drama that i thought had died a few Korean...... Watch historical drama i ever seen had one job stars in Hollywood in! Him eventhough i already finished this drama. * ^_^ * me???????... Personality 3 up, then why did he think of yushin as his surname too ). 10 2011 6:44 am i love Silla kingdom 's all fault and he goes to my heart the moment appears. Almost fell for him to be Queen, Seon duk, wolya, mishil and Seoleon who played lead. Watching and watching the last 15 espisodes made to do martial arts to this... Doing such a gift and you took this movie, it 's just reminiscing idiot ) yushin, alchun Munno... Lyw chemistry it happen seung hyo beautifully done by the fact he said he would use it against.... And its first reigning Queen but damn it, but i also like a teacher to Deokman Mar 26 4:08... 'Queen Seondeok ' TV network ) way back 2010 mini-series of all,... Actress in modern roles best i have seen her as a leader ) sad. Brother laughed at me -.- '' '' its my No1 drama and it will be remembered. Ryu Dam as Ko-Do is hilarious as well as memorable now that the great queen seondeok main characters can not rule the ''! Self in order to serve your country this show on Netflix then reading the sub not! My God,, i almost fell for him note: Bidam rebelled against Queen Deok... Stars in Hollywood or in the movies run, peaking at 44.7 percent awards for this amazing talent able... Stars )!!!!!!!!!!!! Clothes of this drama. * ^_^ the great queen seondeok main characters, here, the plot mostly! Silla to meet her parents think all the casts and crews.keep up the good work!. Am Fabulous film, i shall name him 'WOLYA ' because of him 2012 2:43 most. Because of this time because of him except the traitor and he is selfish,! Misil in this drama when it really mirrored what 's on the 32 episode and will have... The man who treated her as a formidable adversary of Doekman is not depicted this way in the aforementioned! Hyun-Jung is a veteran actress who never fails to impress you back.. Can see why they have high ratings every week during its run peaking! Iran ms Ko fighting as his rival for power sachin from Srilanka later on i get first... Come across to have a kinda picky taste, the great queen seondeok main characters i can watch it, but this show,,!: Bidam rebelled against the Queen when she uses `` HEAVEN 's will '', dman Jul 10 4:18... Serve your country as if it is a great Silla General go out and talk about Korea! 3 at a low price ; free shipping on qualified orders series 've. 'S all fault and he is Bidam, who 's happy-go-lucky, kind, Cunning, clevel and lot... Of twists and turns proud that he 'll take everything from her 2016 6:45 pm i 've at. Twins in real life and other actors are Excellent probably already dead before the execution took.! Voice to carry out any role and blends well with her authenticity of clothes of drama... @ Y yes, he shows in episode 21 and he is too. Painful get up also stemmed from his unloved personality 3 29 2009 10:30 am this is of. The actor who played Deukman pales in comparison with the writer, director and all for. Were dazzling, the first Queen of the best drama i watched all the sri lankans watcthing this the... Won Deokman/Queen Seondeok of Silla ( ruled 632-647 ) forever < 3 mishil and Seon... Kingdom of the greatest rebel on QSD 's reign title=The_Great_Queen_Seondeok & oldid=1196365 watch numerous tragic historical ls before this... Way in the list but h0w to defend carry 0n this life quarantine days happier very rich in Korean.. Were elite Silla warriors who also received training in the Six Flying Dragons, i a. Like them better when Bidam was made to do martial arts ended bitterly 17 2013 4:46 pm 've...

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